15. September 2022

The Ultimate Elopement Guide (2022)

Couple posing in front of their arch at their mountain elopement; image overlaid with text that reads The Ultimate Elopement Guide

The Austrian Alps and the Italian Dolomites offer some of the most unique and breathtaking landscapes in all of Europe. From the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the rolling hills of the Dolomites – these regions have it all. And if you’re planning to elope on these majestic mountain ranges, we’ve made this elopement guide to help you plan your dream elopement.

Eloping on a mountain, let alone the Dolomites or the Alps takes a level of daring that not all couples have. So, in this elopement guide, we won’t be discussing the basics of wedding planning that non-adventurous couples typically need. Instead, this elopement guide will focus specifically on what you need to know and what you need to look for to make the most out of an adventurous mountain elopement.

Choose Your Adventure, Not Just Your Wedding Venue

The first thing you need to remember about mountain elopement is that it’s not your regular elopement. It’s more of an adventure. So, it’s important to shift your mindset from planning an elopement to planning an adventure.

The Ultimate Elopement Guide: Bride and groom sharing an embrace with view of snowcapped mountains behind them.

For example, if you’re looking for winter elopement in the Alps, you’ll need to be prepared for some cold weather and possibly even some snow. On the other hand, eloping in the Dolomites during the summertime will be much milder. However, you’ll still need to be prepared for some hikes.

Each location presents its own exciting offerings. Ensuring that you’re making the most of what it has to offer is perhaps the most important step in this elopement guide. So, in this elopement guide, we’ll show you some things to consider when choosing your adventure.

Activities for Your Thirst for Adventure

The Austrian Alps and the Italian Dolomites offer a wide range of activities. This includes skiing to more challenging camping and climbing. So, be sure to choose a location where your favorite activities are available.

For example, the Nauders in Tyrol or the Andermatt in Ursern Valley is perfect for couples who want a romantic mountainside ski elopement. This is because there are plenty of ski resorts in the area. On the other hand, if you’re looking to take in the sights, then a hike on the majestic South Tyrol in the Italian Dolomites might be more your style. For a more in-depth guide on what different locations offer, check out our blog: How to Plan The Perfect Mountain Elopement + Locations (2022)

Bride smiling at camera on skis with groom trailing behind her, captured by Blitzkneisser

But, if you really want an elopement experience that is truly unique, you may want to go the difficult route. After all, eloping is about getting away from the traditional wedding norms and creating an experience that is entirely your own. So, if you’re up for the challenge, consider eloping on a more remote peak or challenging hike.

The Breathtaking Scenery as your Elopement Adventure’s Backdrop

No elopement guide can sufficiently describe the majesty of saying your vows on top of the Alps or the Dolomites. The beauty of the scenery can’t be matched. Everywhere you look is a breathtaking landscape. Whether it’s the towering peaks of the Alps or the rolling hills of the Dolomites, there’s no shortage of natural beauty.

The Ultimate Elopement Guide: Newlywed couple sharing a kiss in front of their circular arch at their mountain elopement.

But, you don’t have to confine yourself to mountain landscapes of snow-capped peaks and evergreen trees. There are plenty of locations that offer a more unique landscape. For example, the Italian Dolomites are home to some of the most unique rock formations in all of Europe.

Choose Vendors That You’ll Be Happy to Take With You

Elopement guides can only go so far in terms of showing you the ropes in a mountain elopement. Your vendors and suppliers have more impact on your elopement than anything else. After all, they’ll be the ones who’ll be with you every step of the way – from the planning stages to the big day itself.

You’ll want vendors that are just as excited about your elopement as you are. So, when choosing your elopement team, be sure to pick vendors that will be happy to take on the challenge of eloping in the mountains.

Couple sharing an embrace in front of their circular wedding arch, with view of lake and mountains behind them taken by Blitzkneisser

For example, your photographer should be someone who is comfortable hiking and possibly even camping in order to get the best possible elopement photos. You’ll also want to choose a florist who is familiar with the area and can create unique bouquets that will stand up to the elements.

Lastly, you’ll want to pick a wedding planner who is experienced and can serve as an elopement guide who can navigate the logistics of eloping in the mountains. 

Plan Your Climb

Even if you’ve read all the best elopement guides online, it’s nearly impossible to control everything in a mountain elopement. There are, however, some things that you can control. So, be sure to plan out your elopement trip in advance in order to avoid any stressful surprises. 

The Ultimate Elopement Guide: Couple walking uphill together towards the wedding ceremony venue.

How are You Going to Get There?

For example, some venues in the Alps are accessible only by hiking or driving. In Italy, on the other hand, some elopement venues can only be reached by taking a cable car. In certain locations, you may even choose to arrive at your venue in style on a helicopter. So, it’s important to know how you’ll be getting to and from your venue in advance.

Are There Fees Involved in Your Chosen Elopement Venue?

You’ll also need to apply for the necessary permits and pay the required fees for your chosen location. Some elopement guides will tell you that you don’t need a permit to elope in certain locations but don’t forget to inquire. We strongly advise against eloping without a permit as it can put you and your vendors at risk.

What’s the Weather Forecast?

Lastly, be sure to plan your elopement around the weather. Mountain weather can be unpredictable. So, it’s important to have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

Couple holding hands as they pose together during their elopement shoot with Blitzkneisser

While eloping in the mountains may be more difficult than eloping at a beach or park, it’s definitely worth it for the truly unique experience.

Final Thoughts: The Ultimate Elopement Guide 

Eloping in the mountains is an undertaking worthy of the adventure of a lifetime that is marriage. But, it also requires some extra planning. If you want a more in-depth guide, then take a look at our previous article called What a Genuine Adventure Elopement Involves + How to Plan One (2022)

If you’re planning to elope in the Austrian Alps or the Italian Dolomites, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll be happy to help you plan the elopement of your dreams!



Couple sharing an embrace in front of their arch; image overlaid with text that reads The Ultimate Elopement Guide

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