26. April 2019

Juniper II Presets Lightroom Mobil


Juniper II – Presets Lightroom – Mobile

The Juniper II – Presets Lightroom – Mobile package consists of 3 optimized presets for your Lightroom app on your smartphone. You will get this 3 presets in 3 options – the basic one, one „B/W“ and one „Afterlight“ version comes with each preset.

The three main filters are designed for the seasons of spring, summer, and fall, they are adjusted to the special light situations of each season and to highlight your images perfectly the whole year. Of course, these Lightroom filters can also be used regardless of the seasons.

  •     Preset “Spring Green” – the awakening of nature, a preset with warm tones, soft saturation and soft light.
  •     Preset “Summer Yellow” – focuses on the strong greens of summer to create a harmoniously warm photo look.
  •     Preset “Autumn Red” – here we take care of the versatile browns and reds that fall brings with it.

These presets are suitable for a regular picture style for example in your Instagram feed, for the holiday family photo album, for the company pictures you put on the homepage and of course for all wedding photographers and portrait photographers. In the last 10 years as professional photographers we are constantly developing our picture style and image processing and optimizing our workflow.

To use our Juniper II Lightroom Mobile presets, you do not have to be a professional, the presets are easy to use and still completely customizable to your style and lighting situations after use.

Juniper II Presets Lightroom Mobile Quantity

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Suitable for?

  • Photos by the sea
  • Photos in diffused light
  • Photos of people – portraits
  • Photos in the evening mood
  • Photos indoors with artificial light
  • Photos of all four seasons
  • Photos with blue, red and okka color elements


Powerful tool for your photos:

  • Preset for the desktop application Lightroom
  • Best photo optimization results in one click
  • Supported files: DNG, TIFF, PSD, CMYK, JPG, RAW
  • Tested with Lightroom 4.0 to CC
  • Tested on more than 100 “real-life” photos
  • Tested on Windows & Mac


Please note that each filter of our Blitzkneisser – Juniper preset achieves different results on different photos. Depending on the light, shadows or other conditions, small adjustments would have to be made in Lightroom.

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