26. April 2019

Juniper I Preset Lightroom Desktop & Mobile – Set


Juniper I Preset Lightroom Desktop & Mobile – Set

The Juniper I Preset Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Set consists of 6 presets for the Lightroom application on your personal computer (Mac and Windows) & 6 DNG’s mobile phone filters for your smartphone. Each bundle consists of 3 color filters and 3 „B/W“ filters and is characterized by a cool undertone. We were inspired by the shades of juniper and the mountains of our homeland Tyrol.

As professional wedding photographers with over 10 years of experience, we have developed these presets to speed up your workflow and give your images more depth, as well as to bring mystic moods and even once dim lighting situations to their best advantage. Lightroom is the modern darkroom, where we get creative at the touch of a button and make our photos a lasting memory.

You do not have to be a professional – the Juniper I Presets Lightroom – Desktop & Mobile presets are easy to use and still completely customizable to your style and lighting situations after use. Whether you’re already a professional photographer and have experience with Lightroom Presets, or you want to optimize your smartphone images for Instagram, Facebook, or for your blog, with these Juniper I Preset Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets, you’re just a click away from image enhancement.

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Juniper lI Presets Lightroom Desktop & MobileJuniper lI Presets Lightroom Desktop & Mobile
Blitzkneisser, Juniper, Preset, LightroomBlitzkneisser, Preset, Tirol, Filter, Juniper

Suitable for:

  •  Photos with mountains
  •  Photos with brown / green elements
  •  Photos outdoors or with natural light
  •  Photos in the shade
  •  Photos with high contrasts

Who can use the presets?

  • anyone who has the Lightroom app installed on their desktop/smartphone mobile
  • professional photographers
  • amateur photographers
  • Graphic Designer
  • Advertising agencies
  • Blogger & Influencers
  • Companies & Companies
  • You


Powerful tool for your photos:

  • Preset for the desktop application Lightroom
  • Best photo optimization results in one click
  • Supported files: DNG, TIFF, PSD, CMYK, JPG, RAW
  • Tested with Lightroom 4.0 to CC
  • Tested on more than 100 “real-life” photos
  • Tested on Windows & Mac


Please note that each filter of our Blitzkneisser – Juniper preset achieves different results on different photos. Depending on the light, shadows or other conditions, small adjustments would have to be made in Lightroom.

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