17. March 2022

How to Plan The Perfect Mountain Elopement + Locations (2022)

Bride and groom smiling at each other as they hold a glass of champagne during their elopement ceremony; image overlaid with text that reads How to Plan the Perfect Mountain Elopement + Locations

There’s nothing more special than a mountain elopement. It’s the pinnacle of adventure – the stunning views, incredible heights, and those brief moments of existing in a bubble away from everyday life. We’re going to break down how to plan the perfect mountain elopement, suggest some great locations, and let you in on some tips and tricks.

We live in Austria and we love exploring our local mountains and all the heights that Europe has to offer. We know the potential they hold for being the venue of the most special day of your lives. So let’s explore how a dream wedding can become a reality. 

Why Choose To Have a Mountain Elopement Over a Traditional Wedding?

There are so many wonderful reasons to ditch tradition and take your wedding into the adventure territory. A mountain elopement is a great way to enjoy your celebration of love somewhere stunning. 

Here are some of the reasons why mountaintop elopements are simply the best:

– The ability to make it a whole experience with some camping or glamping. 

– Saying your vows with stunning natural beauty on full display.

– Getting married surrounded by nature.

– Creating a totally one-of-a-kind memory.

– Having an utterly unique experience.

– Hiking or taking alternative transports (like a helicopter!) to your wedding destination makes it even more memorable and exciting.

How To Plan The Perfect Mountain Elopement

We’ve answered the why, but what about the how?

#1 – Where To Enjoy The Perfect Mountain Elopement?

If there’s one thing this world has no shortage of, it’s mountains. So when choosing a mountain for your mountain elopement, you want something that’s not only stunning but also accessible and with hospitable conditions for a mountaintop wedding.

Couple on a mountain top pressing their foreheads against each other and holding up a sign that reads "We Eloped!", taken by BlitzkneisserIt’s important to note that once you’ve found your perfect mountain elopement location, you need a permit. Some companies handle this for you, but be sure to find out in advance before you learn you don’t have a wedding venue on the day of your supposed wedding.

We’re going to explore some of our favorite mountains for elopements in a bit. But first, let’s talk about the when, the who, and the how when it comes to your mountain elopement. 

#2 – When To Enjoy The Perfect Mountain Elopement?

Seasons can make a significant difference in how hospitable a mountain is for an elopement. Higher altitude will mean different things such as varying temperatures, unpredictable weather, harsher elements, thinner air and oxygen, and fewer hours of sunlight. 

Bride and groom, with the officiant, at the breathtaking mountain elopement venue for the ceremonyIn general, the best time of year for a mountain elopement in Europe is the autumn, when you get longer days, milder weather, flowers, and trees in bloom. 

As a general rule, we advise that all weddings take place in the afternoon or early evening regardless of the seasons. The sun at noon and even in the mornings can be tricky to work with when trying to capture your special day, and nothing beats gazing out over the sunset from a mountain peak.

#3 – Who To Enjoy The Perfect Mountain Elopement With?

Elopements are much more limited regarding how many people are actually in attendance. It’s not a wedding where friends, family, plus ones, extended family, and the relatives and friends you felt obligated to invite show up. It’s just you, your partner, and those closest to you.

Black and white photo of the bride getting the back of her dress fixed by a wedding guest, shot by Blitzkneisser

Of course, someone is also there to be the official voice of the ceremony. A photographer is also around to make sure your memories are captured forever. The point is that you shouldn’t be making extended lists of possible guests. Instead, focus on people you can’t imagine not being in attendance. We suggest keeping it under 10 people.

#4 – How To Enjoy The Perfect Mountain Elopement?

The “how” comes down to permits, transport, wedding needs, and accommodations. For starters, make sure everything is ready to go days before it’s necessary. Then, talk it over with your mountain elopement planner, if you have one, and be sure to question if everything that needs to be arranged has, in fact, been arranged.

Bride and groom sharing a kiss as they sit on the reception table during their mountain elopement, taken by BlitzkneisserThese are the things like permits, which need to be applied for well in advance, or transport to the mountain and up the mountain, if available. But also goes deeper than that to the small things like your bouquet, dress, and finally accommodation if you’re planning on staying in the area once your wedding is over. 

Best Locations For The Perfect Mountain Elopement

Here are some of our favorite locations for mountain elopements. 

#1 – Tyrol

Austria is home to countless breathtaking mountains. Tyrol is one of Austria’s nine states and has five major mountain ranges within state lines. The mountain ranges in Tyrol include: Lechtaler Alps, Otztal Alps, Stubai Alps, Kitzbugel Alps, and the Zillertal Alps. Each offers something unique to this mountainous region, with incredible views of rolling green hills, Austrian towns, rivers, and open fields. It’s genuinely indescribable how sensational this part of the country truly is and why it’s perfect for a mountain elopement. 

Bride and groom sharing a kiss during their mountain elopement ceremony with a gorgeous wedding arch and the view of the mountains behind themCheck out one of our favorite Tyrol mountain elopements that we had the honor of capturing for Moni and Lennart. 

#2 – Bergsee

Located in Germany, Bergsee is a lake in the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district. This area is full of lush trees and greenery for as fast as the eye can see.

The breathtaking lake and mountains at Bergsee, a perfect elopement venueStunning mountains overlooking the lake and small quaint villages make this a location you have to at least consider visiting or enjoying for your special day. 

#3 – Nordkette

This mountain range in North Austria is considered Austria’s jewel for many reasons. At the heart of Innsbruck, Nordkette offers 360-degree views of the Tyrol conservation area to the one side and the Alp capital of Innsbruck to the other side. There’s no shortage of endless beauty in this stunning region of Austria.

Bride and groom posing in the middle of Nordkette in North Austria, captured by BlitzkneisserWe got the chance to shoot an after-wedding photoshoot over Innsbruck; take a look!

#4 – Dolomites

The Dolomites is a stunning mountain range in Italy that offers so much to couples looking to make their wedding something special. This stunning mountain is surrounded by endless forests, small towns, and hotels. 

Bride and groom getting married in their traditional attire at the Dolomites, photographed by BlitzkneisserCheck out a recent mountain elopement we captured up and around the Dolomites!

#5 – Pragser Wildsee

Tucked away in Prags Dolomite in the South Tyrol region of Italy, Pragser Wildsee is something straight out of a nature book. A large lake, tall mountains, endless trees, all combined to make views straight out of a fairytale, a reality.

Bride and groom walking along the lakeside at Pragser Wildsee while holding hands during their elopementPragser Wildsee is one of Italy’s finest, and for a day, it could be the defining part of your wedding. 

Tips and Tricks To Having The Perfect Mountain Elopement

Here are some tips and tricks for mountain elopement that always come in handy.

#1 – Plan around the elopement. 

Mountain elopements are meant to be special. We work to craft the perfect mountain elopement around the elopement ceremony itself. While yes, there’s always room for change depending on what is and isn’t possible, we work effortlessly to focus on the magic of the moment while filling in the details along the way. 

How to Plan The Perfect Mountain Elopement + Locations: Couple getting married at the registry officeThanks to years of experience, we’ve built relationships and an understanding of how things work and fall into place. We’ve even got a wonderful relationship with the registry office in Austria, so we know some secret places where you can officially get married on the mountain! 

#2 – The best time for pictures is sunset.

Sunset is by far our favorite for wedding photography at mountain elopements.

Couple pressing their foreheads lightly against each other in front of their triangular wedding arches at sunset, shot by BlitzkneisserIt just makes for the best pictures, filled with elegance and stunning lighting. 

#3 – Getting up the mountain can be done in a few ways.

We love to use cable cars if they exist, but if they don’t or even if the bride and groom want to walk, that’s always an option.

How to Plan The Perfect Mountain Elopement + Locations: The cable cars at the snow-capped mountainsAnother option we regularly engage in is taking a helicopter to the final destination where the wedding intends to occur. Be sure to have a warm jacket and some good shoes handy for getting up the mountain. 

#4 – Clouds don’t have to be a reason to cancel.

If you see a few clouds and think your day is ruined, think again. Some of our favorite photos come from similar conditions where clouds were present over and in the mountain ranges.

Bride and groom smiling at each other as they hold hands while walking along the mountain during their elopement shootIt presented a uniquely atmospheric view of nature that translates to dramatic photos. 


Imagine saying ‘I do’ on top of a mountain with views of the world below surrounding you. Can you think of anything more special? Of course, a mountain elopement isn’t going to plan itself. So If you’re looking for firm partners in your wedding who will not only plan and orchestrate a magical ceremony but will document it too, we’re who you’ve been looking for!

Groom lifts up the bride as she raises her bouquet during their mountain elopement shootWe love creating adventures with our clients from start to finish. We want to guide you through the process and take some of that stress off your shoulders. So contact us today, and let’s get you married on top of a mountain with the most jaw-dropping views of your life spread out behind you.



Bride and groom wrapping their arms around each other during their elopement ceremony; image overlaid with text that reads How to Plan The Perfect Mountain Elopement And Locations

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