21. July 2022

Eloping in Europe: The Top Locations for Adventurous Couples

Bride and groom holding hands as they walk up a snowy mountain, captured by Blitzkneisser; image overlaid with text that reads Eloping in Europe: The Top Locations for Adventurous Couples

Eloping is always a great chance to make your special day more unique and adventurous. When you elope, you’re not thinking about getting everyone in one place for a ceremony. Instead, you’re thinking about how you can make your wedding the best possible experience for you and your partner. That’s why we want to talk about eloping in Europe. 

We want to tell you about some incredible locations for adventurous couples to consider when planning an elopement in Europe. So let’s dive into these amazing places!

Eloping in Europe: The Top Locations for Adventurous Couples

Europe is a big continent with several countries offering incredible places to get married. We’ve considered them all, but for us, some stand out more than others. So let’s explore these European locations. Eloping in Europe is meant to be magical, and these locations are nothing short of mesmerizing. 

#1 – The Dolomites


The Dolomites Mountains are some of the finest mountains in Europe. Part of the Southern Limestone Alps in the province of Belluno, the Dolomites have remained one of the most beautiful mountains in Italy and the world. It’s an elopement fit for adventurers. Whether it’s Lago Di Braies Lake, Tre Cime National Park, or Lago Di Carezza, many options exist. You’ll not only be eloping in Europe, but you’ll be doing so in style. The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the biggest attractions in Italy. Beyond an elopement, you get to explore the beautiful surroundings of these mountains filled with quaint villages and landmarks. 

Take a look at an Italian elopement we captured in the Dolomites for Chris and Franzi.

#2 – The Causeway Coast


Ireland has so much to offer those looking to elope. The Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland is a prime example of the beauty available for you to capitalize on for your elopement. It’s a location straight out of Game of Thrones, probably because Game of Thrones has been filmed here on several occasions. This tiny stretch of coastline has so much to offer, from fairytale landscapes of ancient castles and rolling hills to rugged cliff tops and pristine scenery. When that sunset hits just right, the memories (not to mention the photographs!) you’ll get are truly one of a kind. 

#3 – North Tyrolean Mountains


The North Tyrolean Mountains in Austria are always our first pick for eloping in Europe. Our deep connection to the area means it’s special for us, and we believe it can be truly significant for you too. The North Tyrolean Mountains are stunning. There’s no denying or arguing that, but there’s so much more to them than meets the eye. From the mountains, you can see the valley below from 3000 meters in the sky. There are often snow and ice-covered peaks, but there are always breathtaking views. Standing in such a beautiful space will make your elopement even more special than it already is destined to be. 

Bride and groom holding hands as they walk together at the North Tyrolean MountainsWant to take your elopement to the next level? Check out our article, Helicopter Wedding Planning Guide For Your Mountain Elopement.

#4 – South Tyrol


This autonomous province in northern Italy is another spot we hold close to our hearts. It’s an idyllic area that takes up a part of the Dolomites range. The area is beautiful, lush, and green as far as you can see, with villages scattered throughout the valley.

Couple holding hands as they walk around South Tyrol with the sun peeking behind the mountains, captured by BlitzkneisserNumerous parts of South Tyrol are perfect for an elopement and some adventure. There’s a ski resort in the area, hikes up the mountains, and ample accommodation, which you’ll never want to leave. South Tyrol is one of the best destinations for eloping in Europe. We’ve helped many couples make this place their elopement destination. 

#5 – Hardangerfjord


Norway’s Hardangerfjord is the fifth-longest fjord in the world. It’s a stunning part of Norway in Vestland county in the Hardanger region. During the winter season, this location is straight out of a fairytale or Viking folklore if your partner needs convincing. No matter what time of the day, it’s a location that showcases the most striking aspects of the world, with deep pine forests and glittering peaks. However, the sunset is probably the best part, so that’s the time to get the cameras out for wedding photos. 

#6 – Berchtesgaden National Park


Want to know what it’s like to see the beauty of Germany from the top of a mountain? You need to take your elopement to Berchtesgaden National Park. This location lies in the South of Germany on the border between Germany and Austria.

Bride and groom standing on a boat at a pristine lake in Berchtesgaden National Park, photographed by Blitzkneisser

The park holds so many excellent elopement spots like the Berchtesgaden Alps. From these great mountains, you’ll see the valley with the bluest waters in the country, snowcapped mountains in the distance, and green hills and trees for as far as the eye can see.  

#7 – The Highlands


What is Scotland without the highlands? In the heart of the Scottish highlands lies Glencoe. This area is beyond words. It’s stunning, green, and filled with mountains, plains, lakes, and waterfalls. It’s an area filled with great tranquility and peace, making it perfect for an elopement. When eloping in Europe, you want to avoid places where the tourists flock, and while people visit the Highlands, this vast area of valleys and mountains makes it still and quiet. 

Breathtaking view of road leading to mountains in The HighlandsThe only word of caution about the Highlands is to avoid midge season. A midge is a tiny bug, and these bugs swarm through the highlands from May to September, which is when you want to give the highlands a miss. 

#8 – The Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands is one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland, and most people barely know it exists. So if you’re planning on eloping in Europe, this is just one of the many places you’ve got to consider. On this small, serene island lives more sheep than people. It has steep cliffs, waterfalls, deep fjords, and high mountains. Some of the best elopement areas on The Faroe Islands are Gásadalur, Tórshavn, and Drangarnir. This old 8th-century Viking hotspot still has Norse settlements on the island, making it an authentic experience to explore and discover everything incredible that the Faroe Islands offer. 

#9 – Alpbachtal


In Western Austria lies the stunning town of Alpbachtal, which is simply incredible. Austria is a beautiful country all on its own, but these hidden gems make it even more remarkable. When considering eloping in Europe, this should be on the top of your list for considerations. 

Eloping in Europe: Bride and groom sitting at a table during their elopement in EuropeWe’ve shot at Alpbachtal before and had an amazing time capturing the elopement of Chiara and Domi. The weather was perfect, the time even better, and the romance between the happy couple was only amplified by their phenomenal surroundings. 

#10 – Swiss Alps


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the Swiss Alps mentioned. The Swiss Alps are a top destination choice for those eloping in Europe. The entire county is stunning, but the alps are totally iconic. Switzerland is a slightly more expensive country than others on this list, but it’s worth it!

Eloping in Europe: Bride and groom sharing an embrace with snow all around them in the Swiss Alps The mountains, lakes, and valleys are so picturesque you’ll think they can’t be real. One of the best parts of the Swiss Alps is how they neighbor several European countries. As a result, you can easily travel to other EU countries after the ceremony to make it a true adventure across the continent.

Check out our Guide to Getting Married in the Swiss Alps!


No matter where you decide to go for eloping in Europe, it will all be worth it. Europe is full of mesmerizing destinations that are unique to the European continent. You’ll find so many great places to elope that you will have a more difficult time choosing just one. Want to learn a bit more about the adventure aspect of eloping in Europe? We’ve got a post all about it! 

If you’re looking for some assistance in planning your elopement in Europe, let’s talk about how we can help you! We’ve captured some beautiful elopements across the country and helped many couples make it down the ‘aisle’ regardless if that aisle is on a mountain or in a small Italian chapel. 



Collage of photos of couples during their elopement shoots with Blitzkneisser; image overlaid with text that reads Eloping in Europe: The Top Locations For Adventurous Couples

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