24. August 2022

Dolomites Elopement Guide: Dos and Don’ts (2022)

Bride and groom holding hands as they walk together; image overlaid with text that reads Dolomites Elopement Guide: Do's and Don'ts

A Dolomites elopement is an adventurous couple’s dream destination. It’s a beautiful place to host a simply breathtaking elopement. To celebrate this incredible location, we thought we should share some of the do’s and don’ts of Dolomite elopements to help you have the best day possible. So let’s get started exploring all the dos and don’ts of a Dolomite elopement. 

Do: Prepare For All Weather Eventualities 

We can plan all we want, but then there are some things you can’t control, and the weather is one of them. The Dolomites aren’t immune from any weather conditions, but it’s more about how you can make the most of it. So while we recommend preparing for difficult weather conditions, we implore you not to postpone or cancel the wedding because of them! 

Bride and groom sharing a kiss at their Dolomites elopement, captured by Blitzkneisser

Make sure you and your whole wedding party have options for coats, shoes, and umbrellas.

Don’t: Forget Warm Clothes

Warm clothes are a must! Of course, you can ditch them for the ceremony, but having them for the journey up the mountain and before and after the ceremony is important.

Dolomites Elopement Guide: Dos and Don'ts. Bride and groom walking through the snow.

It can get frigid up on the Dolomites, and you don’t want to spend your honeymoon sick in bed. So, bring along thick jackets, wear some layers if necessary, and ditch them before the ceremony.

Do: Look For All Kinds Of Hidden Places In The Dolomites

The Dolomites is an expansive mountain range, so don’t think getting married in the Dolomites means there’s only one option. You’ve got a plethora of amazing spots you can utilize for an elopement. Some of our favorite places include Tre Cime, Lago di Braies, Seceda, and Val di Funes. Take some time with your elopement planners to really nail down the best possible Dolomites elopement spot.

Bride and groom standing on boat in the middle of the lake, taken by Dolomites photographer Blitzkneisser

Getting to these hidden locations might require a helicopter. Still, most of them have hiking routes available if you’re feeling extra adventurous.  If you want to learn about some other amazing European elopement locations, check out our blog on Eloping in Europe!

Don’t: Neglect Planning Ahead For All Aspects of A Dolomites Elopement

Elopements are usually considered ‘spur of the moment’ or ‘last minute’ things. The truth is, though, that a mountaintop elopement, regardless of where it is, requires an immense amount of planning to ensure that everything is in order. So never forget to cover all your bases. This is an important day, and it requires you to be ready to answer each and every question thrown at you. You want this to go off without any issues, and that requires effort and planning. A wedding planner is recommended to help guide you through the process. 

Dolomites Elopement Guide: Dos and Don'ts. Couple walking while looking at each other on top of the mountains.

Want to know how to plan the perfect mountaintop elopement? We’ve got the perfect How-to guide for mountain elopements right here!

Do: Consider Helicopter Travel To Hidden Places

Incorporating a helicopter into your Dolomites elopement plans is a great idea for easy, and exciting access to your elopement destination. Besides the convenience of a helicopter, it’s just another fun element to be adding to such a special day. It makes it that much better.

Bride and groom holding hands and walking towards helicopter, shot by fine art photographer Blitzkneisser

Check out this amazing helicopter elopement in the Italian Dolomites we recently were a part of! You can also learn more about Helicopter Wedding Planning right here.

Don’t: Skimp On a Quality Photographer For Your Dolomites Elopement

The Dolomites are stunning, and a Dolomites elopement will be breathtaking. Don’t skimp out on hiring the best of the best to capture this beautiful ceremony for all friends and family to see when you return home.

Not everyone is going to be able to be there with you, so don’t neglect this step. You want to ensure the images you bring back are amazing and worthwhile. 

Do: Visit In The Summer & Autumn Season

While you can make the most of any season on the Dolomites, there’s no denying that Summer and Autumn provide some of the best conditions for a Dolomites elopement. Summer (June to September) is great for warmer temperatures and longer days, with more reachable areas on the mountains.

Dolomites Elopement Guide: Dos and Don'ts. Groom carries bride up with view of Dolomites mountain behind them.

On the other hand, Autumn (October to November) maximizes the Dolomites’ beauty. The trees, valleys, and more create a kaleidoscope of colors. These two seasons are our personal favorites for Dolomite elopements.  

Don’t: Forget To Make Sure All Legal Aspects Are In Order

The last thing you want is for this perfect Dolomites elopement to be all for nothing. Getting married in Italy in a civil or religious ceremony is possible. You need to submit paperwork to the city hall of the town closest to the Dolomites location you’re planning on having the elopement. You need a passport, birth certificate, current marital status and proof of termination of previous marriages, and certificate for permission to get married in Italy, and a marriage declaration. Finally, you need a legally recognized celebrant to perform the wedding in Italian or German with a translator.

Groom signing marriage certificate during their elopement in front of officiant

This is a lengthy process, though, so many people who choose to go for a Dolomites elopement will get legally married in their home nation, and have a symbolic ceremony in Italy

Do: Avoid Crowds At The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a popular tourist destination; so you need to be smart about where you have the elopement and when. However, these minor details can make a world of difference.

Couple holding hands with their backs towards camera as bride holds her bouquet up.

Ensuring you use hidden locations, specific times of year, months, weeks, and times of day might mean avoiding any outside interference. Your elopement planner should be intimately familiar with tourist trends in the area and be able to guide you in this process.


Getting married on the Dolomites is an incredible experience that you’d never forget. So for all the adventurers out there looking to do something spectacular and different for their elopement, what are you waiting for? 

At Blitzkneisser, we’ve been fortunate enough to travel Europe and capture countless elopements across all kinds of incredible landscapes. Our love of photography and the European outdoors means we’re keenly aware of the challenges that come with a Dolomites elopement and what it takes to produce incredible photos. So get in touch with us, and let’s plan and shoot the elopement of your dreams on one of the most amazing natural landscapes in all of Europe: the Dolomites.



Groom carries bride up with view of mountains behind them; image overlaid with text that reads Dolomites Elopement Guide Do's and Don'ts

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