6. October 2022

Boho Wedding in Salzburg | Teresa + Henning

Bride and groom looking at each other as they hold hands with mountains behind them; image overlaid with text that reads Boho Wedding in Salzburg

Teresa and Henning were looking for a great romantic boho wedding spot. They wanted something a little adventurous and something a little fun; which is how they ended up going with the Jufenalm. The Jufenalm, the boho hotel and restaurant that can also be used as a wedding venue, sits by the Juifen summit in Tyrol, and it’s amazing! 

Surrounded by soaring peaks and beautiful meadows, their wedding was everything they dreamed of and more. From the breathtaking views of the outdoor ceremony to the charm of the reception, every detail was perfect for their boho wedding day.

Teresa And Henning’s Boho Wedding At The Juifen Summit

For their big day, Teresa wore an elegant one-shoulder dress. Her hair was styled in a loose bun that blended well with the boho wedding’s laid-back atmosphere. Henning wore a smart three-piece suit in light brown linen. 

There was nothing too fancy, nothing too over-the-top. Everything felt grounded and real, and all of that helped not just to have a great boho wedding but also to show how grounded and real Teresa and Henning’s love for each other was too. Everyone was relaxed and had a lot of fun, and it wasn’t even the reception yet!

Surrounded by the mountains, forests, and their friends and family, Teresa and Henning’s boho wedding was intimate yet open. This was the feel we looked to capture during the proceedings, the vastness of the land around them contrasted with the closeness of family and friends.  

Did we mention Teresa and Henning even managed to have a dog be a part of their boho wedding ceremony? That surely took training, but that was a moment worth capturing, and he did a great job!

Teresa And Henning’s Romantic Session And Reception

After the wedding ceremony, we went with Teresa and Henning to take some romantic shots of the two of them together. It started in the grass. The vastness of the forests and mountains framed each shot, but it wasn’t long before we moved into one of those nearby forests. 

As wedding photographers, we look for many things: the right moments, the right settings, and the right lighting, to name a few. The shots we took in the forest captured so many of those!

It’s not every day a shoot starts to feel magical or dreamlike. But there was just something about this spot: the way the light hit these two that made it feel that way. If it weren’t for the reception, we probably could’ve spent even longer here, just taking shots of Teresa and Henning being together and enjoying that for its own sake. 

But even though their boho wedding was over, their reception wasn’t. This was a lot of fun to shoot too. Everything was so close, so intimate. People were eating, talking, and dancing. No one left without a smile on their face.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, by now, you can tell we love shooting weddings; whether they’re boho weddings or other kinds of weddings. It’s why we do what we do! 

So, if you’re in the market for some wedding photographers who will work with you and share as much passion for your special day as you do, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!


Photographer: Blitzkneisser | Venue: Jufenalm

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