3. August 2019

austrian flatland wedding


In love with our mountains, we are also happy to travel beyond our geographical borders.
The wedding of Aleksandra and Jopo took us to the region of the beautiful Lake Neusiedl.
Suddenly, the mountainous Tyrol and Salzburg become only a hilly landscape and finally, in Burgenland, a flat landscape that let us look far away.
Arrived in Rust we were greeted by countless storks.  A calming and enchanting setting for a romantic wedding.
For their ceremonial and the celebration following the two have chosen the beautiful “Himmel-Blau“.
A location that impresses with its stylish elegance and playful charm.
The free wedding took place in an old barn – you can not imagine a real “Barn-Wedding” more beautiful.
Afterwards, the celebration was already started.
This gave us enough time to seek out a location with the two newlyweds to capture their deep love for each other and to hold on.

Enthralled by the loving people and the grandiose choice of this charming location, we say thank you so much for having us.


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