7. April 2022

Two-Day Austrian Mountain Elopement

Bride and groom sharing a kiss during their elopement shoot with Promise Mountain; image overlaid with text that reads Two-Day Austrian Mountain Elopement

We met Sandra and Florian on one of our mountain tours in the summer. It was then that we got a taste of their passion for unforgettable experiences and love for the mountains. So, when they reached out to us about designing the perfect secret adventure – a mountain elopement – we were thrilled. 

Crafting a Two-day Adventure

Working together with the fantastic planners at Mountain Elopement, we provided the location, flowers, make-up, and even the ceremony backdrop for this experience. The fact that we worked to provide everything meant that the preparation was streamlined and easy. This is all so that Sandra and Florian could relax and focus on the day.

We set off from Axamer Lizum, a ski village in Tyrol, the day before the mountain elopement. Together, we hiked up to a mountainside cabin, the Adolf Pichler Hütte. It was where we stayed the night. We had to bring everything with us. This included clothes and flowers, and that only added to the sense of adventure.

Glorious Mountain Elopement

The next day, we hiked up through the most breathtaking scenes. The green slopes and white peaks are almost indescribably beautiful. When we reached the ridge where the mountain elopement would take place, we set up the iron frames full of flowers. We also helped Sandra and Florian get dressed. They changed out of their hiking gear into their suit and wedding dress. Florian climbed up to wait for Sandra with the mountains soaring behind him.

Instead of an aisle to walk down, Sandra emerged from the green hills. Her white dress glowed like the distant snow as she made her way to Florian. The moment when they stood face-to-face, about to say their vows, surrounded by the mountain peaks, made every moment of climbing worth it.

If hiking isn’t your thing, it’s not the only way to get to the top of a mountain! Take a look at this helicopter elopement in Italy for inspiration, and read our guide to a helicopter wedding for more


Photographer: Blitzkneisser | Film: Martín Holzner | Make-up: Ulli Thomaseth | Flowers: Frau Baumann

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